3D Printed Titanium Chess Rook

This beautiful chess rook, printed in Ti6Al4V Titanium alloy is the latest demonstration of the S-Titanium Pro 3D metal printer’s capabilities.

The intricate helix and spiral staircase along with the brickwork markings show the complex internal structures and fine definitions that can be achieved by printing in 50┬Ám layers using SLM mode with Aurora Labs’ S-Titanium Pro 3D printer.

In the cutaway rook, you can also see how dense the Titanium alloy is, with no visible porosity. Achieving a good melt like this is important for the strength and structure of the print.




In other exciting news we are preparing our new post-print processing facility. This will enable us to polish raw prints like this up to shiny metal as they would be for end use.

Keep an eye on this blog for more photos!