The future of
metal manufacturing

Aurora Labs ecosystem brings a new era for 3D metal printing

The next frontier See how it works

Faster 55x

Current market speeds* for 3D metal printers and orders of magnitude faster than machining. Print in hours, not days.

*Aurora Labs defines Market Speed as the speed at which a comparable machine can print Titanium (CP-Ti). Market research has shown this to be 81.7 g/hr or 1.96 kg per day.

Cheaper $

Optimised generative design for reduced mass, allowing part production for a fraction of the cost, compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Reliable 100%

Print 100% digitally certified parts (DCPTM) on-demand from anywhere in the world and ensure piece of mind. (under development)

55xFaster than existing systems

150kgTarget output per day

Large format Printers Complex manufacturing at rapid speeds

The world's fastest and largest direct metal 3D printers will allow Additive Manufacturing to become a mass manufacturing process when fully developed, opening up a whole world of possibilities for the simplification of complex assemblies, on-demand production and better performing, more efficient products.


20xProduction Volume per plant compared to current market

10%relative amortisation cost compared to current best practice

Powder Superior powders at reduced cost

Our prototype Powder Production Unit has been designed with the intention of demonstrating the technology for producing very high-quality powders that are lower in cost compared to existing processes, with the capacity to produce up to 5000kg a day of high quality powders at a fraction of the cost of current market technologies.

Parts store Digital delivery of certified parts worldwide

Manufacture where and when you want. Just download a Digitally Certified PartTM, anywhere in the world at any time. Reduce inventory holdings, lower transport costs, and leverage greater flexibility for your business all by 3D printing parts on demand.

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AdditiveNow™ Pioneering the future of asset management

AdditiveNow marks the technological partnership between Aurora Labs and Advisian Digital. In utilising the knowledge centres of each, we are primed to provide the best in energy and resourcing solutions.

A new era for industrial grade manufacturing

Aurora Labs' high speed, large format Additive Manufacturing ecosystem opens a whole new world of manufacturing opportunities in most industries


Reduce downtime, reduce inventory holding by manufacturing on the mine site on-demand.

Oil & Gas

Reduce downtime, Manufacture large, geometrically complex parts and increase efficiency.


Improve efficiency, simplify complex assemblies, reduce manufacturing and operating costs.


Economically manufacture large quantities of geometrically complex implants and tools.


Simplify complex geometries, reduce tooling costs, increase vehicle performance and efficiency. Part optimisation and mass reduction.


Manufacture large, geometrically complex parts for efficiency and lower operating costs for your clients. Part optimisation and mass reduction.


Decrease tooling costs, development time and inventories. Minimise down time and differentiate your product offering.


Create bespoke solutions. Reduce lead times, reduce construction times, decrease costs and increase client satisfaction.

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